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Solavei has made “SHARING” simple and fun.  Whether you like to share online, one-on-one, or by hosting a social in your home, Solavei provides the tools to help you be successful.


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MYSOLAVEI.COM – To access your account information, participate in the Solavei Community discussions, and use your FREE Referral “Sharing” tools, go to and login.  There, you will find our latest incentives, promotions, and FREE Referral Module , which includes invite tools, social media posts, and contact tracker.

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To “Hangout” with other top leaders and hear how they are using the Solavei tools, tap into our Team Events at:

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1. POST DAILY:   Choose one or two social media sites to get started with your social media outreach plan.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to play in too many sites until you are aquainted with the value and culture of each one.   If you are just getting started, we suggest using Facebook and Google+ or Twitter as foundational starters.   Make it a point to post to your sites at least once per day.  Be sure not to blast only posts about Solavei but be “social” and diverse in your postings.  Follow industry leaders within your industry, as well as leading corporations and voices of influence outside of Solavei.  You want to stay abreast of what’s happening in and outside of Solavei.  Follow the people who follow those companies.

2.  MAKE CONNECTIONS:  Think “social” not “sales”.  Talk about family, hot topics, current events, and things that you would discuss at a social gathering.  Don’t be the person at the party that only talks about themselves and passes out business cards like they were going out of style.  Instead, create connections, conversations, and discuss ideas and events that would be valuable to your followers.  Make your content positive so you come across approachable, helpful, open, informative, and friendly.  The energy you exude is the energy you attract.

3. BE COLORFUL:  Use images and videos to bring your posts to life.  Remember to use images in as many of your posts as possible to attract visual learners.  Visual learners make up about 65% of the population and prefer images, pictures, colors, video, and maps to organize information and communicate with others.  Google Images, iStock Photo, and Fotolia are great sites to get images from.  Visually and Piktochart are great sites to create Infographics.  MyBannerMaker is a free site for making colorful banners.  Fiverr is a site where low cost ($5.00) graphic designers can be found.

4. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS:  Engage your audience.  Ask questions of your readers. Pay attention to the times of day when your audience responds most often and post more during those hours.  Get creative and create contests, surveys and raffles.  Ask people to post what their highest price cell bill was or ask where their favorite place to shop is.  Ask your audience what they’d do with the extra savings per year if they had a lower priced cell bill – get them thinking like they’re already in Solavei.  Tell your audience what you want them to do…Share this!, Like this!, Answer this!, etc.  And finally, LISTEN to your audience so you can show you care about them and their interests as much as your own.

5. GIVE BIG:   We live in a time when content is king and people are searching for FREE value from their providers.  Offer useful, informative information to your audience.  Mobile & Retail are BIG topics!  Brainstorm every single benefit you can think of about Solavei.  Watch testimonials from the videos on the website to hear what others find beneficial.  Share the information you find.  Share new updates provided by Solavei from the Solavei Scoop.  Give people good news to look forward to and reasons why switching their carrier is a great idea.  Highlight the partner companies we will have in our retail program such as Starbucks, WalMart, Safeway, etc.  Visit the Solavei Facebook page and share the content from industry news provided for us.  Follow Ryan Wuerch’s blog and share what news he writes about.  Follow the top leaders of Solavei and watch their posting patterns.

Most importantly enjoy the process.